Prywatny Dom Opieki nad Osobami Starszymi "Wielmed" s.c.

71-371 Szczecin, Pilchowo, ul. Okocimska 20
tel. 91 452 68 24
woj. zachodniopomorskie
powiat Szczecin
dom dla 24 osóbpokoje 1-, 2-, 3-osobowepokoje z łazienkamiopieka medyczna na miejscu bezpłatniezajęcia rehabilitacyjne w domuudogodnienia dla osób niepełnosprawnychinstalacja przywoławcza w pokojachładne otoczenie domu typu ogród, park, lasminimalna opłata miesięczna: 3400 zł

Private Nursing Home "Wielmed" Ltd. was established in 1999 in Łukęcin. The owners of the facility are MD Zofia Wielebińska and Anna Wielebińska-Kujawa. At the beginning of 2004 we launched a modern building in Pilchów near Szczecin, fully equipped to meet the requirements of elder and disabled, with a passenger elevator.

Basing on valid regulations, according to decision number 1/2005 of 28 October 2005 Private Nursing Home "Wielmed" Ltd. entered registry of the West Pomeranian Voivode. The facility is certified with ISO 9001:2000 in 24-hour nursing and careof elder and disabled persons and HACCP food safety management certificate.

Private Nursing Home "Wielmed" Ltd. guarantees 24-hour nursing/caregiving along with satisfying living needs, provided by qualified and properly trained personnel (nurses, caregivers, rehabilitation specialist). Health of our residents is monitored by a general practitioner together with the owner of the facility (MD herself). Specialists (psychiatrist, cardiologist, neurologist) are called in emergency and for routine examination.

The building itself is of warm and cosy type. Rooms (single, double or triple with bathrooms) are no different from what the residents are used to. Couch or rehabilitation bed, dresser, wardrobe, armchair, chairs around a coffee table, well known paintings on the walls and of course flowers. Upon request a room may be furnished with one's own furniture. Each room is equipped with a patient call light. The rooms offer a view on the garden and the forest.

For the sake of residents' comfort the facility has its own kitchen. In this manner everyone can influence the content of the menu.

We are doing our best to make our clients feel good and safe. We would like to not only ensure comfortable living but also pleasant family atmosphere. We organize birthdays, feasts and casual events.
On each first Friday of a month a priest visits the facility. There is also a possibility to go to church.

Costs of stay in "Wielmed":

  • Stay in a single room - 3700 zł monthly,
  • Stay in a double or triple room - ftom 3400 zł monthly,

Costs of medicines and diapers not included.

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