Dom Dla Osób Starszych "Starzyk"

58-330 Jedlina Zdrój, ul. Chojnowskiej 9
tel. 74 845 40 86, 512 205 801, 512 205 802
woj. dolnośląskie
powiat wałbrzyski
dom dla 34 osóbpokoje 1-, 2-osobowepokoje z łazienkamiopieka medyczna na miejscu bezpłatniezajęcia rehabilitacyjne w domuudogodnienia dla osób niepełnosprawnychładne otoczenie domu typu ogród, park, lasminimalna opłata miesięczna: 2000 zł

We are honored to present a newly-built Nursing Home "STARZYK". The pension "STARZYK" was built in a spa town of Jedlina Zdrój, located in glamourous, picturesque cirques, surrounded by wooded hills, where people come to cure muscular and respiratory system affections. It is this very location that makes it a great place at any time of year, while the omnipresent silence and serenity, together with the plethora and beauty of the surrounding nature favor contemplation and vitality regeneration.

We offer You a modern building with no architectural obstacles, equipped with necessary conveniences for people with reduced motoric efficiency (including a modern elevator), as well as required protections ensuring safety of the residents. We have prepared single and double rooms with bathrooms. We also have a stylish living room and dining rooms. Our building is also fitted with modern culinary facilities, so that the meals served meet all requirements of the residents.

Qualified Personnel with a nurse with 25-year work experience in charge will provide our residents with professional care and assistance in everyday activities (feeding, hygiene, personal affairs).

The pension "STARZYK" creates - through a moderate number of residents (maximum 34) - a unique homelike atmosphere, where no one feels anonymous. Moreover - for the sake of psychic condiction - the facility provides religious and cultural opportunities. Diverse literature, current press, relaxation activities, music therapy, games and amusements guarantee good time spent together.

Unique, beautiful location of the facility, homelike atmosphere, qualified personnel and equipment make up the highest quality of our services.

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od 2006-07-26
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